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December 2023 Newsletter


Dec 18, 2023

In our December Newsletter is Chris Barton, the local Restorative Systems Administrator for the Department of Corrections

Building Safe and Caring CommunitiesChris Barton: Building Safe and Caring Communities

With the arrival of winter and first snowfall, we are reminded of the value of community, and the safety and security of those around us. This season, keep an eye out for several chances to attend community forums hosted by the Orleans County Restorative Justice Center. These forums will take place at various locations throughout the county.


In this month’s newsletter we are introducing Chris Barton, Restorative Systems Administrator both with the Department of Correction. 

Drop in at our free weekly clinics in Newport on Wednesday between 10 and 12, at 79 Coventry Street Newport, VT for more information. No appointment needed.  

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