“Community is made from conflict as much as from cooperation; the capacity to solve conflict is what gives social relations their sinew. Professionalizing justice ' steals the conflicts,' robbing the community of its ability to face trouble and restore peace. Communities lose their confidence, the capacity, and finally, their inclination to preserve their own order. They instead become consumers of police and court 'services' with the consequences that they largely cease to be communities.”

Nils Christie, 1977. Conflict is Property.

Volunteer Opportunities

We train volunteers in restorative justice and conflict resolution practices. It facilitates community action to deal with conflict and crime in a restorative and inclusive fashion. When the community is actively involved in the justice process, its members no longer feel powerless against crime and they take ownership for the quality of life in the community.

The center fosters a committed and interconnected community and seeks to affirm that we are all responsible for creating a safe, strong and harmonious community.

Volunteers will:

  • Make Orleans county safer and stronger
  • Reduce crime and recidivism
  • Save taxpayers' money
  • Become better informed about important social issues
  • Learn new skills
  • Have opportunities to resolve conflicts
  • Foster mutual respect in their community
  • Build a better community
Donate your time and talents to the Orleans County Restorative Justice Center and play a crucial role in uniting our community.

Volunteers play an essential role in all of our programs:

  • Victim Services
  • Neighbor-to-Neighbor Mediation
  • Pre-Charge Program
  • Reparative Board Probation
  • Prisoner Re-entry Program
  • Community Advisory Board
  • Community Service Project
  • Mentoring/Outreach

Contact the Justice Center to learn more about these programs.
Your help is essential for building a flourishing community.

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